Modular - Standardised components, allowing savings from engineering, procurement, spares consolidation, installation and maintenance

Plug and play - Pre-terminated IP68 low loss connectors, anyone can install H3RO, fast network extension and downtime recovery

Robust and flexible - Industrial grade componentry and certifications, reduce downtime and improve recovery options

Flexible - Standard components can be integrated into new or existing network topologies such as linear, ring or star with allowance for redundant paths if required

High quality - Low loss quick connect IP68 plugs, robust construction, terminated to exact specifications offsite, supplied quickly off the shelf with test reports

Cost effective - Enables cost reductions due to fast installation, reduced specialised labor and equipment requirements, flexibility, standardisation across infrastructure for fast network trouble shooting and analysis

Industrial Fibre Networks 

H3RO Ethernet is a flexible Optical Distribution Network (ODN) solution for industrial network applications. The
system is designed to implement various redundant topologies to reduce network islands, improving reliability and performance.

H3RO is capable of providing a PON optical distribution network solution for industrial applications the benefits of which are: 

  • A completely passive access network cabling system eliminating the interdependence on switch availability

  • A substantial reduction in most fibre ODN infrastructure costs

  • High availability when deployed using redundant architecture

  • Ability to overlay non-network communications on a single media network (multiplay)


Fibre Reticulation 

The H3RO solution includes fibre optic cables, BOTs (break out terminals), bulkheads and industrial accessories. These standard components allow all standard industrial Ethernet or xPON application scenarios to be achieved in a simple flexible fashion.

With plug and play functionality no specialist fibre skills or expensive tools are required, supporting rapid off the shelf deployment.

Standard product is available off the shelf in 24, 12 and 4 core variants whilst higher fibre optic core counts and specialised components available for custom project requirements.

H3RO RD - Ring Distributor

rd for web.jpg

H3RO TD - Trunk Distributor

Artboard 1-100.jpg

H3RO RA - Ring Access


Case Studies 


Networking - an underground mining example

Find out how we simplified an underground fibre optic network for a Queensland coal mine. 

Challenged with a dynamic mining environment and a lack of qualified in-house fibre optic and network personnel, an underground coal mine in Queensland employed Ampcontrol's specialist networking capability in conjunction with the H3RO (Harsh Environment Reticulated Optics) system to simplify their underground communication network. 

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H3RO simplifies communications in tunnelling applications

Reliable communications infrastructure and networks are vital to ensure the safe and on time completion of underground tunnel construction. Ampcontrol was engaged to support the Thomson East Coast line project in Singapore with communication infrastructure for everyday and emergency voice communication requirements and for real-time monitoring and reporting to the surface.

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H3RO - fast and simple downtime recovery

Ampcontrol was engaged by an underground gold and copper mine in Western NSW to provide fibre optics quickly after an existing communications cable was severed.

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H3RO in an underground gold and copper mine

Fibre optic cable was required at the underground copper mine to monitor and manage automated mining equipment. H3RO was deployed from the telecommunications hut on the surface, down a catenary wire through the existing open cut mine and intro the new underground mine.

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