Simple and portable - H3RO provides significant space and cabling savings when compared to traditional fibre installations

Robust product - The H3RO Bot is IP68 rated and features robust, quick connect fibre cables. The physical connection of fibre provides exceptional environmental and optical performance

Cost effective - H3RO systems provide up to a 50% cost reduction on fibre optic network infrastructure, cables and labour when compared to traditional fibre installations

High performance - H3RO features low loss single mode fibre connections and allows for network speeds in excess of 1Gbps

Reduced downtime - With no requirement for fibre optic specialists or tools to install, H3RO has virtually no labour costs to replace. The plug and play functionality of H3RO enables installation of pre-terminated fibre optic cables in a variety of lengths providing a 50% reduction in replacement costs and encouraging standardised fibre architecture

Industrial Fibre Networks 

H3RO Ethernet is a flexible Optical Distribution Network (ODN) solution for industrial network applications. The
system is designed to implement various redundant topologies to reduce network islands, improving reliability and performance.

H3RO is capable of providing a PON optical distribution network solution for industrial applications the benefits of which are: 

  • A completely passive access network cabling system eliminating the interdependence on switch availability
  • A substantial reduction in most fibre ODN infrastructure costs
  • High availability when deployed using redundant architecture
  • Ability to overlay non-network communications on a single media network (multiplay)


Fibre Reticulation 

By using a combination of 12 and 4 core fibre optical cables and H3RO Bots, a relatively limitless number of industrial Ethernet application scenarios can be
achieved with this simple system.

When used in industrial PON applications, each H3RO system is capable of carrying multiple PON networks.

Each network can support numerous access nodes (ONUs), providing for a large quantity of access points per deployment.

Our PON and Ethernet deployments promote network standardisation, reduce cost and complexity and introduce future-proof standardised fibre optic infrastructure. 

With plug and play functionality no specialist fibre skills or expensive tools are required, supporting rapid off the shelf deployment. 


Case Study 


Find out how we simplified an underground fibre optic network for a Queensland coal mine. 

Challenged with a dynamic mining environment and a lack of qualified in-house fibre optic and network personnel, an underground coal mine in Queensland employed Ampcontrol's specialist networking capability in conjunction with the H3RO (Harsh Environment Reticulated Optics) system to simplify their underground communication network. 

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